The Low Down On The Fuel Crisis – What You Should Know

7 thoughts on “The Low Down On The Fuel Crisis – What You Should Know”

  1. Good article – really helpful thanks – appreciate it- keep the info coming- it so helps to know the whys and wherefores

  2. As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2012, and there has been a downturn in the economy, it is interesting to ask oneself whether the panic buying (which would have been a fairly predictable consequence) will increase the tax revenues and overall UK PLC turnover, thus “kicking the can down the road”, referring to ‘the can’ which corresponds to the likelihood of announcing a recession for this quarter. In other words, a short-term blip in demand, at just the right date, would perhaps assist the government to postpone such an announcement, in the hope perhaps of the next quarter being able to iron out the “lag effect” corresponding to the short-term “lead effect” such panic buying would induce.

    Any thoughts, anyone?

  3. That will explain some of my delivery delays
    although some couriers have been working this week

    HOW IS the Royal mail Doing !!??

    please use extreme caution over any storeage
    re fire risk

    Hope negotiations are completed soon
    with peaceful outcome

    it affects old people and disibility
    as well as Bussing school children
    on public and other transport means

    i am sure some people need the work
    of courier and of mini cabs

  4. fuel storeage may lead to fires
    ..wildfire advice is available on ready store..who are not currently supplying this country

    and of course emergencyfoodstoreage are there for the sales

    WATER stocks are more my worry
    and in drought water filters
    and useage of the katadyn
    dont solve the problem if
    water of any sort cannot be found

    antibiotic and antiviral…willing to prescribe by
    is needed if
    the cleaner water isnt available
    and if people resort to any rivers sea and canals

    BOTTLED pouched and canned
    although we produce some
    and salty or high bicarb water was available from america with
    fuel shortages
    getting it to
    towns and villages
    isnt always easy

    outlaying houses are at risk if they store
    and they may already have syphon pumps available for their
    rain water butts

    (care re drowning for todlers exploring )
    10 Years time and the year 2022
    not a million years away at all
    and some have already lived the times
    so to speak

    please urge people to remain calm
    to eat fresh veg and salad when it is available ( lettice is calming in nature)

    and we don t want to see fighting over water supplies at all

    IF you have shops its probably there
    and that old buggy and pram in the shed
    gets it home if there is NO fuel
    for car journeys

    LETS hope they sort it all out soon

    ASK for help if yopu cannot get it to your doorstep and you know its available

    and ask your banks and the jobcentres
    re benefits
    for having the cash available to pay for it when otherwise it comes thru the tap
    and it may still do !!

    NO ONE can expect something for nothing
    and i am sure contingency arrangements
    will be thought about

    There is someone in charge of those
    in each BOROUGH or city .

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