Freeze Dried Food Vs. Dehydrated Food

2 thoughts on “Freeze Dried Food Vs. Dehydrated Food”

  1. I have been buying freezedried food for a few years and have built quite a store of it. With things in the world veering towards a situation we hope to see only in a film, I decided that my four children and their children will need storage too. They are not as concerned as I am so it is up to me, for my peace of mind, to gather supplies for them. These will become their Christmas and birthday gifts from this year it or lump it!

    I have used both dehydrated foods and freeze dried and believe me, there is NO comparison. Dehydrated has not as much flavour and the texture is altered whereas freeze dried has retained all the flavour, more nutrients, original shape and also the original colour. It does not require to be soaked for hours either. It comes in secure, airtight cans , easy to store..just tuck them away and leave them. The 25-30 year shelf life makes this food a no-brainier!

    1. Thank you for reiterating our point Barbara. You’ve definitely made the right decision in choosing freeze dried food. Cheers!

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