Freeze Dried Food – How It’s Made

2 thoughts on “Freeze Dried Food – How It’s Made”

  1. Freeze dried food is the ONLY way to go now. I have been talking to friends about it for five years. At first they saw only the price and chose simply to buy canned foods. That involved a lot of storage space and the never quite mastered art of rotating. Then followed the ” Do you think it is safe to eat? It is out of date.” Three of them have now started buying freeze dried….I’m working on my brother now! Buy it, put it away, forget it. In 25 you may want to replace some but until then you have complete peace of mind. Oh yes, buy a good water filter too!!

    1. Hi Barbara! we agree that freeze dried food is the way to go. You’ve definitely raised some valid points.

      In case you need to stock up on supplies, we have a promo right now for Fuel Your Preparation. Use the code ‘SMART’ at checkout and get a 10% discount.

      But by the sound of it, you’re all stocked up on food and it might take you another 25 years for you to buy again. i don’t think the promo code will be active at that time.


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