Eurozone And The World Update 2013 Q1

4 thoughts on “Eurozone And The World Update 2013 Q1”

  1. unemployment breeds attempts at self employment that dont always make much money otherwise the thing they were working in to start with would still be in action and they wouldnt be unemployed

    so retraining is important or ability to grasp things at some level in several areas….really a basic budget is important but breeds a boredom culture unless you websearch for things to do
    some are free and the summer months create at least walks if the weather is suited to it

    craft costs money but can happen on back of cereal packets and on backs of envelops
    debt repayment letters may have their uses
    i cant handle the beleif in cutting american sequester style benefits to middle and lower earnings it doesnt make sense

    over here sequestering implys application to have someone elses money for a reason
    and an entitlement means to some spend it as you please but if you dont think food and water you are giving AID services a headache and a half

    birth rate is affected by early night and medical advances they too have entitlement
    but it needs enabling and claiming and not leaving unclaimed vouchers and enabling death as a preference is not in the medical ethics committess book of guidelines

    when supplies in the shops go up in price to curb demand rather than reflect cost it is a worry when rationing of some sort is surely fairer

    i dont beleive in culling of anumals or human life
    but then i had a diet on the agenda
    and this year found the basic foods that would do it for me

  2. I see the racism part of the report only cover so-called racist attacks by whites.

    Racism by non whites is one of the biggest problems that we face in Europe and yet it is covered up and not even recorded as racism.

    until people face up to the fact that many immigrants are extremely racist, the problem will never be solved.

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